Motor Cycle: YAMAHA RAY Z

Yamaha Fz 16

"Easy to grip and hip support grab-bar for pleasant tandem riding "

The grab-bar has been designed with the comfort of the tandem rider in mind. These include a shape that is easy to grip, a hip-stopper (rear support) function and more. A fold-in type tandem footrest design that is easy to fold out with the toe is also adopted to add even more convenience and comfort for the tandem passenger.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Full array of storage space"

Under the seat is a storage compartment with a 15.5-liter capacity. It can hold an A4 size file or a jet-type helmet.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Compact Leg Shield"

While providing plenty of mud protection, the leg shield has a design with little intrusion into the inner panel. Its design accentuates the look of compactness and lightness.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Integrated headlight and turn signal assembly"

The large headlight is mounted into the front face of the body in an integrated unit with the turn signals. The turn signal portions are designed with the look of long eye slits for an added touch of beauty.

“V”shaped cuts are worked into the headlight lens for a “jewelry”look.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Functional and beautiful instrument panel "

The instrument panel has an analog type speedometer and fuel gauge plus indicator lamps for the high beam and turn signals. It features a crystal lens for an added look of quality and radiance.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Movable rear fender with excellent mud deflection effect "

A movable rear fender that follows the movement of the tire is adopted. This not only inhibits mud splatter but also has a structure that helps prevent clothing like the sari from getting tangled in the wheel

Yamaha Fz 16

"Stylish TailLight"

Taillights with cut lenses for sparkling Look which enhance the overall look and making Ray more stylish.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Newly designed suspension for running performance with an assuring sense of stability"

The new Ray has telescopic type front fork suspension which ensure agile handling and running Performance with an assuring feeling of stability even over rough roads because of the bigger suspension stroke.

Yamaha Fz 16

"Inner Box and Convenient Hook"

Infront of the foot space is an inner box large enough to hold a 600 ml plastic bottle,and there is convenience hook designed for uses like hanging a daypack


Engine Type
Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Cylinder arrangement
Single cylinder
Bore x stroke
Maximum Output
Maximum torque
Starter system
Electric & Kick


Fuel tank capacity
Fuel supply
Telescopic/ Monocross


Ignition system type
CDI(Capacitor Discharge lgnition)
Battery voltage/capacity
12V, 35W/35W XI, Halogen Bulb


Clutch type
Dry, Centrifugal
Transmission type
V-belt automatic


Brake type (Front/Rear)
Drum brake,130mm diameter


Tyre Size (Front)/(Rear)
90/100-10 53 J (Tube Type)


Suspension type (Front/Rear)
Telescopic/Unit swing


Overall length X width X height
Seat height
Minimum ground clearance
Weight (with oil and a full fuel tank)