Associate Companies

Abhaye Valabhji Pty Ltd

Abhaye Valabhji Pty Ltd is the main and the foremost company of AV Group structure and was founded in 1962.

The present Chairman Mr. Abhaye Valabhji started operation as a General Merchandiser specializing in Groceries and Hardware items and operated as a Retailer.

In 1964 the Company started importing goods and started wholesale along with its retail outlet.

With the mission to achieve higher goals Mr. Abhaye Valabhji embarked on a journey to Japan with the perception to obtain agents for well known product range known globally and at the outset Abhaye Valabhji Pty Ltd was made distributors for the following brands in Seychelles.

Daihatsu – Year 1966
Yamaha – Year 1967
Subaru – Year 1968

During the period from 1966 to 1968 the company moved away from Retail to specialized products like Motor Vehicles and Outboards and the foreseeing the future a Larger Showroom was built at Revolution Avenue and was opened in 1973 and thereon company moved into furniture and home appliances business.

With the increased volume of sales and product range the company felt that it should have different showrooms for exclusive products and built a separate showroom at Providence Industrial Estate for Motor Vehicles, Outboards and Spare Parts Sales in 1997.

Today the structure and success of AV Group was due the persistent and continuous development made by its Management, Directors, and Staff to stand tall to be among the best companies in Seychelles.

Empress Charter Pty Ltd

Empress Charter Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1997 under the Seychelles Tourism act to enter the Tourism sector by providing the ultimate Boat Charter service to tourists. In 1999 the company was appointed as agents for Yamaha Marine products. Today the company contributes the sales of marine products to AV Group and will be opening its first Marine Park Activities first of its kind in Seychelles.

Seymart Pty Ltd

Seymart Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2002 under the Seychelles International Trade Zone.

The company engages itself in Duty Free concept business activities dealing in vehicles, Outboards and general merchandise.

Lem Group Ltd

Lem Group Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and was taken over by AV Group in 2001 from the then founders.

The company is engaged in selling general merchandise and commodities.

Dinesh Auto Parts Pty Ltd

Dinesh Auto Parts was incorporated in 1980 and was founded by Mr. Dinesh Jivan.

In 2005 the company was taken over by AV group.

Today it has two showrooms to its credit and deals is all kind of automobile spare parts, accessories and hardware goods.

Mill Hill Pty Ltd

Mill Hill Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1998.

The company is engaged in Real Estate and Leasing of properties in Seychelles.

The company also deals in sourcing specific real estate projects upon client’s requirements.

Global Exchange

Incorporated in 2014, Global Exchange is a Class A Bureau De Change that provides members of the public with a service that involves buying or selling foreign currency. The Bureau De Change is registered in Seychelles and operates within the Acts of the Central Bank Of Seychelles. The service portfolio of the Bureau De Change includes foreign exchange and money transfers to various countries in the world.

Empress Care Hire

Incorporated in 2015, Empress Car Hire specializes in long term rental of vehicles to Corporate Companies.​